Prayer is powerful

It is very disturbing news when you hear that a co-worker and friend (or anyone else for that matter) has been diagnosed with cancer. 

Many will feel bad and want to do something… but what can you do? 

The very most powerful thing that you can do is PRAYER… and forming a prayer circle around that person is even more powerful. 

Matthew 18:20 For where two or more are gathered in My name I am there in the mist of them.

At the manufacturing plant that I work at, one of the employees had been diagnosed with cancer and needed to have an operation. He continued to work until the day before his operation…. Many were feeling bad about this and wanted to come together to pray for him… So it was announced over the intercom that anyone who would like to participate in a prayer circle to meet at the group leaders’ desk at 11:45… The whole plant showed up…

His wife works at the plant as well… so we put them in the middle and formed a circle around them… then we joined hands and started by Matthew 18:20. Immediately you could feel HIS presence… 

I have worked at the plant for over 23 years and we had never done anything like this before… and I would really like to encourage anyone to do this…at work… at school… anywhere… for God hears us no matter where we are…. This was the most powerful and the best thing that anyone can do.  

He made it through the operation and is continuing to recover…  

Romans 8:28 We know that all things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose


a lost child and the power of prayer

June 16, 2019  shortly after our worship service began we were notified that a  small child that attended our fellowship was missing. 

 Two people got up and left to go help look for him…  the rest of us united in prayer some were praying in known language and some were praying in tongues… but all were united in prayer for the safe return of this child. 

Several people had been searching for this child before we were notified… and were not able to find him…he doesn’t talk much and was unable to answer when people were calling for him… 

 When the two that left arrived at the location… one of them basically went right to the missing child who was tangled in a bunch of briers… we all know that he was being led by the Holy Spirit… 

 It was only about a half hour from the first notification that he was lost to the 2nd notification that he had been found.

 Many times our fellowship has witnessed the power of prayer…  

This was so clearly the work of our Lord and Savior.