a mid week word 04/23/2020

Pastor Denny Hunsinger

Troy has set me up to live stream from my PC. I did a teaching at 7:30 P.M. last eve.(Wednesday) and  so I'll be doing teachings from my office as I'm led throughout the week. If you subscribe to the Live Stream, you'll get alerts when I do a teaching. (YouTube channel: LWCO Fellowship)

ALSO: There has been folks asking me if I know anyone who needs food. I have put it out in the form of announcements during the Live Stream with no response. 

However, I receive a plea from the Central Pa. Food Bank expressing a great need for financial help to supply the Local Food Banks (there's one in Orby) with boxes of healthy shelf-stable food, bags of produce, milk and frozen meat. During last week of March, they distributed 10,000 boxes to Partner Agencies, Local Pantries, and Soup Kitchens.

ALSO: Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, We (L.W.C.O.) had decided to take a Congregational offering on the last Sunday of April (that is the 26th, this coming Sunday) for the great work that Convoy of Hope does. 

I also received an urgent plea from them. Convoy of Hope has received request for help from 40+ states for FOOD. Convoy has announced a 10 Million Meals initiative-- to provide food and relief supplies for hungry children and families. 

SOOOO, this is a GREAT opportunity for the Church (The Body of Christ) to live out the gospel in a time when people are looking for hope.

Please prayerfully consider how you can participate in bring relief to the great need the world is experiencing RIGHT NOW.

If you would like to help financially (Food Bank or Convoy of! Hope), you can check out the Online Giving through www.livingwaterchristianoutreach.org or mail your offering to the address listed below, OR, JUST BRING IT IN TO THE STOREHOUSE. Ear mark your offering to where you would like for us to distribute it, and the business office (Cindy), will make sure that's where it will go.

May Father's great grace abound and overtake you


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